Spooky Portrait 3.jpg

'San Francisco Surf-Soul-Rock-n-Roll to kiss your boyfriend to.'

'Unparalleled Music for hanging and banging with chicks and dudes.'

'Culturally relevant and sexually implicit rock n roll.'

These are all accurate descriptions of Spooky Mansion. Want more?

Spooky Mansion is Grayson Converse, Martin Reising, Rob Mills and Charlie McCone. They reside in the beachside Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco and spend the nights rehearsing in a Surf Shop/Preschool and the days recording in their Garage/Studio.

- Once they went to Costa Rica and saw a Spaceship.

- Once they witnessed a triple homocide in Reno and spent a weekend in jail.

- Once they drank a tank of Electric Kool-Aide and played Owen Wilson's Birthday Bash in Montana.

Spooky Mansion says, 'Sometimes it just works out'.